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 Nothing says “BIG ENTRANCE” more than a lush Red Carpet
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Wedding Aisle Runners

Create a Wedding Runway!

Event Rugs sells wedding aisle runners online at in red and standard carpet colors. Whether your wedding is indoors or outdoors, in a church, a hall or on a beach - walking down the aisle on a wedding runway will make your special day all the more special.

Unique color aisle runners can be created by Event Rugs just for your wedding day; choose a color that fits your wedding theme.

Walking Down The Aisle

wedding runner to limoThe phrase "walking down the aisle" is synonymous for "getting married". Make sure your wedding runway is perfect with one of Event Rugs' wedding aisle runners.

Don't use a cheap plastic or cloth aisle runner - the likely hood of tripping is much to high. An Event Rug carpet aisle runner is more affordable than renting.

Indoor wedding ceremonies with a wedding runway can be in churches, synagogues, halls and practically any venue that can host a wedding - libraries, museums, etc.

Outdoor Wedding Aisle Runways

Wedding limos and a wedding runway can be used for entering or leaving the wedding.

Whether your wedding is on a beach, in a garden or a park an outdoor wedding runway is a necessity to prevent tripping and falling.

Buy Wedding Aisle Runners  Online

Select one of Event Rugs’ aisle runners for your wedding day and roll out the red carpet for your wedding!

Standard size aisle runners are available online. They are bound in rolls and shipped to your door. For more information about sizing and pricing, please visit our online shop.

Call to order custom size wedding day aisle runners contact Event Rugs.

Buy wedding carpet runners online! 

Outdoor wedding runners

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