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Wedding Event Rugs

white wedding day aisle runner in cathedralLet Event Rugs help make your wedding day look spectacular with our aisle runners! A bride’s entry is one of the most memorable parts of wedding. An event runner enhances this special moment providing a beautiful backdrop for your arrival.

Unique aisle runners can be created by Event Rugs just for your wedding day; there are a variety of choices so you can select a color that fits your wedding theme or you can opt for a custom design.

Event carpets can be used for every part of your wedding day from the limo to the reception. If you are arriving at your wedding in a limo or another chauffeured vehicle, use an aisle runner to enhance your elegant arrival.

Aisle runners are perfect no matter where your wedding is being held. If you are having a traditional service, they can be used for ceremonies within churches, synagogues, and other religious houses. If you are a member of a religious organization, aisle runners are an excellent investment; they are both beautiful for special events such as weddings and an additional safety feature for when rain or snow causes slick entryways and aisles.

Aisle runners are also ideal for outdoor weddings. When holding your special day on the beach or on grass, an aisle runner highlights the bride’s entry. It also provides a non-slip surface that doesn’t compete with the beauty of the natural setting. Please see our new outdoor wedding page showcasing event carpets at these ceremonies.

Carpet aisle runners can also be used for your reception. An event carpet in the wedding color theme or monogrammed with the couple’s initials sets the tone of your event as soon as your guests arrive, inviting them in and leading them to your celebration. Additionally, often, reception and catering halls have beautiful entryways that can be slippery when wearing dress shoes or in inclement weather.

Buy Wedding Aisle Runners Online

Select one of Event Rugs’ aisle runners for your wedding day and roll out the red carpet for your wedding!

Standard size aisle runners are available online. They are bound in rolls and shipped to your door. For more information about sizing and pricing, please visit our online shop.

Call to order custom size wedding day aisle runners contact Event Rugs.

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