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Aisle Runners for Outdoor Weddings

Outdoor weddings have the advantage of the beauty of nature to serve as the majority of the decorations. Aisle runners provide the wedding party with an elegant path to enter the ceremony without taking away from the surroundings; they simply highlight your entrance.

outdoor beach wedding with gold aisle runner carpetIf your outdoor wedding is taking place at a beach, park, lake, garden, vineyard, or in your own backyard, select an event carpet to perfect your wedding.

Use Event Rugs’ aisle runners to define the pathway for entry on sand or grass, to guide guests to the location of your ceremony, and to make a more substantial walkway for everyone attending your outdoor wedding. Traditional white event carpets are available or you can select a color to match your wedding location or theme.

Benefits of Aisle Runners at Outdoor Weddings

  • Helps keep dresses and trains from being dragged across dirty surfaces.
  • Prevents heels from getting stuck in soft ground, such as grass and sand.
  • Provides a safer, non-slip surface for everyone attending your wedding.
  • Great for those with handicapped guests.
elegant outdoor tent wedding aisle runners

Buy Outdoor Wedding Aisle Runners  Online

Select one of Event Rugs’ aisle runners for your wedding day and roll out the red carpet for your wedding!

Standard size aisle runners are available online. They are bound in rolls and shipped to your door. For more information about sizing and pricing, please visit our online shop.

Call to order custom size wedding day aisle runners contact Event Rugs.

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Buy outdoor wedding aisle runners online!

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