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Logo Rugs

Hollywood Premiers logo rugEvent Rugs can create custom designed carpets with logos. Logo rugs vary from corporate logos with a detailed design, a business name with a specific font and color, or floor signage for a show, a special event, or motto.

The logo rugs can be created as indoor or outdoor solutions, as logo carpet mats or logo aisle runners and can be designed for permanent and temporary use. Click here to find out more about how we create a custom logo rug.

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Types of Logo Rugs

Event Rugs has created a large number of custom logo carpets, this page provides samples of logo rugs with company names, actual logos, and special events. 

Our Color Sample pages show the level of accuracy a carpet color can match your logo or event decor. Logo rugs are commonly used  as indoor and outdoor signage, branding and decor.

75th Year of the Tree at Rockefeller Center annual event logo rugLogo Carpets For Special Events

When decorating for special events, a logo rug can be both a part of the decoration as well as provide floor signage for the event.

Whether it's an annual event, a show, marketing or fund raising campaign your logo rug will provide a memorable experience. 

Outdoor Logo Mats

An outdoor logo carpet can create a grand entrance and reduce slip & fall accidents. Colors and logos can be matched and indoor/outdoor materials used,

When outdoor logo carpets are designed by Event Rugs, we consider both the form and the function of the outdoor carpet.  The more you tell us about your branding needs and functional needs, the better we can design your custom carpet.

Tell us about;  the climate of your location, the type of expected traffic flow, if the outdoor will remain outside permanently or only brought out for in climate weather. Is your outdoor carpet to be used for a variety of functions;   sidewalk entrances and outdoor events.  

Indoor Logo Carpets & Aisle Runners

Indoor logo carpets are often used as welcome lobby mats or doorway entrance mats. Putting your logo on the first thing a client sees when walking in creates a memorable branding experience.

Indoor logo rugs can also cover up unsightly commercial flooring, provide floor graphics or floor signage. Whether used temporarily at a trade show event or permanently at a retail business, logo carpet runners and mats create an inviting welcome.

Contact Event Rugs with a copy of your logo and a description of your requirement and we will provide a quote for the custom work.

CALL to ORDER at 1-866-310-3144 or SUBMIT a CUSTOM QUOTE!

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Logo Rugs
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