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 Nothing says “BIG ENTRANCE” more than a lush Red Carpet
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Wondering Who Uses Carpet Aisle Runners?

Event rugs, aisle runners and logo rugs can be used by persons for special events as well as for businesses and non-profit organizations such as schools, universities, and religious organizations.

Event planners and entertainment businesses use event rugs on a regular basis as do places for marriage ceremonies; churches, synagogues, beachs, parks, and catering halls. To see some of the professional event planners we've worked with click here.

Entertainment, Theater & Dance

Businesses, Non-Profit Organizations, School & Religious Organizations

Personal Events

For personal events like weddings, anniversaries, sweet 16 and other birthday parties.

  • Trump wedding with custom tent carpeting in NY
  • Perry W. of Tallahassee FL
  • Jeanna G. of St. Louis MO
  • Natalie W. of Charleston SC
  • Garret H. of Morgan Hill CA
  • Michael S. of Chicago IL
  • Karla R. of Wilmington DE
  • Pater L. of Menasha WI
  • Lawren B. of Shady Side MD
  • Staci S. of Chicago IL
  • Jamie B. of Sunnyvale CA
  • Maila G. of Roseville CA

To see other businesses that use event rugs click here.

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photo of The ForAnyAuto Group using a red carpet to welcome Elk Grove CA guests

HBO Sports logo rug



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