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 Nothing says “BIG ENTRANCE” more than a lush Red Carpet
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Online Event Rug Pricing

Event Rugs has an online shop for standard size and color special event aisle runners, turf rugs, outdoor runners and an assortment of carpet tapes. Check our our Online Carpet Runner Store. 



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Estimating Your Carpet Runner Cost

Width x Length

Simply decide the width of your carpet runner and how long you would like your aisle runner to be. Pricing rates to the right are based on runner width. Multiple the rate by the number of feet long you with your special event runner to be.

Or click on the Online Shop, select the indoor aisle runner, outdoor aisle runner  or turf aisle runner. Then Select the width & length from the drop down box. Color options are available at no extra cost, call for custom colors.

Shipping Cost Calculator

Event Rugs' Online Shopping cart has a shipping calculator with four types of shipping options; Ground, 2 Day, 3 Day, or Next Day.

Custom Red Carpet Services

Call for pricing of custom carpet services or submit a Quote Request and Event Rugs will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • Custom Aisle Runner Width & Length Size
  • Custom Shapes of the aisler runner
  • Custom Carpet Colors
  • Event Carpet Installation services

 * Our Event Carpets are FOR Purchase NOT for Rent. Our Prices are often better than rental prices!

Pricing for Carpet Runners
3 FT width $7.50 per FT
4 FT width $8.00 per FT
5 FT width $9.00 per FT
6 FT width $10.00 per FT
7 FT width $13.00 per FT
8 FT width $13.50 per FT
9 FT width $14.00 per FT
10 FT width $15.00 per FT
11 FT width $16.00 per FT
12 FT width $16.50 per FT
Example: 3 feet wide x 10 feet long is calculated $7.50 x 10 = $75.00


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The Online Shop calculates the pricing options for  size & shipping.

If the shipping options don't go to your location, Call to order!