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 Nothing says “BIG ENTRANCE” more than a lush Red Carpet
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Green Aisle Runners
Perfect for Weddings, Businesses & Special Events

outdoor green aisle runner for a business eventNot every event needs a "red" carpet, for some GREEN is the color. People identify with the color green as "rich", "Eco-friendly", and festive. 

Green Aisle Runners Online

Green aisle runners are available online in two shades (green and lime green) and in a variety of lengths and widths.

Custom Green Business Logo Rugs & Custom Runners

Shades of green are available as custom color orders - call 866-310-3144. Many businesses have green in their logo and want a custom shade of green in their logo entry rug or aisle runner. Check out some of the other logo rugs and custom event rugs in our logo rug gallery.

custom logo run with green text on an off white carpet

Recognize this green logo rug?

Event Rugs designed this logo run for the 75th tree lighting ceremony in Rockefeller Center.

Green Turf Rugs

green turf rugs for cabanas

Turf aisle runners are functional for many businesses or out by the pool.  They provide an outdoor traffic flow and protect bare feet from hot concrete, hot sand or to prevent slips and falls by the pool.

Aisle Runners for Tent Weddings!

Backyard weddings and tents weddings are not just economical, they are intimate and elegant! Use green turf rugs or carpet aisle runners to make it easier for your guests to walk in the grass or sand with heals.

GREEN and LIME GREEN aisle runners available ONLINE!

Call 855-506-4400 for aisle runners in custom shades of GREEN!

Buy TURF aisle runners online!