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 Nothing says “BIG ENTRANCE” more than a lush Red Carpet
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Color Sample

standard colors available for online aisle runner salesColors For Aisle Runners

Event aisle runner carpets come in a variety of colors with red being the most popular color choice. Event Rugs carries fifteen standard colors in our online shop. Custom color, shapes, sizes and design are available on by phone (866-310-3144).

Available Colors for Online Orders

red, dark blue, green, purple, pink, bright blue, burgundy, lime green, grey, beige, dark beige, orange, yellow, black and white

If you don't see your favorite color below, click here to see custom colors available in our Color Guide chart.

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15 Colors Available

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Gallery of Aisle Runners for Weddings, Business and Events
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BLUE Aisle Runner Carpets
GREEN Aisle Runner Carpets
ORANGE Aisle Runner Carpets
PINK Aisle Runner Carpets
PURPLE Aisle Runner Carpets
RED Aisle Runner Carpets
WHITE Aisle Runner Carpets
YELLOW Aisle Runner Carpets

custom color aisle runners for special events and businesses

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