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Cleaning Event Rugs

To keep your event rug looking brand new, Event Rugs recommends the following general maintenance and carpet cleaning techniques.

Vacuum Regularly

Regular vacuuming removes surface dirt and helps to prevent it from becoming embedded in the carpet causing stains, discoloration, or a worn appearance. Vacuuming after use, particularly high traffic use, with a vacuum that has a rotating brush or suction only is suggested.

Clean Stains Promptly

Stains and spots are far easier to remove when addressed as soon as possible.

  • For spills, try blotting the area with clean, absorbent, light-colored cloths, napkins, or paper towels. Press as hard as you can; it will not harm your event rug. DO NOT RUB. Continue until all liquid is absorbed.
  • For stains, try using a wet/dry vacuum cleaner. Follow its instructions for use.
  • If spot-remover or detergent is needed, test it on a small discreet area of the event rug first. Follow instructions for use, then rinse the area with water when finished ensuring all solvent or detergent is removed, and finally, absorb all excess water using the blotting method mentioned.

If these cleaning techniques are unsuccessful in removing your stain, consult a professional carpet cleaner.

Clip Damaged Areas

In the event of sprouts, snags, burns, or pilling, clip off the offending area with small scissors such as nail scissors. Do not pull.

Using these carpet cleaning techniques should keep your event rug looking beautiful for many, many events. For more information about a specific cleaning issue with one of our carpets, contact us.

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